This weekend at Beachside we continued our series called “Building Our Community.” We talked about growth in the Christian context. In order to grow, these three things ought to be present:


Humility is acknowledging we don’t know it all. This is a teachable spirit that allows others to speak into our lives.

How often do you head into church (or class, or a seminar, or a business meeting) and you’re totally closed off to any learning because you think you already know what the person is teaching? Or maybe you find fault with the speaker and close yourself off to learning from that person.

Humility means we know we don’t know everything and we allow others to teach us.

An intentional plan

Along with humility is a plan for growth. A plan means you schedule it, and it becomes a priority.

Think about all the things you schedule: work, hobbies, exercise, school and more. It would be crazy to say you intend to learn calculus but fail to go to class, do the homework or follow any kind of plan. Trust me: I tried this with Calculus 2, and it didn’t go well.

Why should our spiritual life be any different?

Your plan won’t be the exact same as anyone else’s plan, but it will include time for worship (at church and on your own), prayer/meditation, study (books as well as devoting time to reading the Bible) and small group time.

Use what God is offering

This is a different way of thinking about what we do at church as well as engaging with Christian resources.  If we are serving God (and we are), then we ought to look at the variety of Christian resources as God’s offerings, rather than [fill-in-the-blank] church’s offerings, programs or classes.

It’s easy to skip something we envision as “just another program” our church offers. But what if you view programming at your church as an offering from God? What if you understand worship to be an encounter with God?

Put it all together

Your spiritual life is the most important aspect of your being. If you approach it with a humble, teachable spirit, make a plan, and take advantage of what God is offering, the growth will come. And as you grow, you’re able to serve others in ways you may not yet understand.