Knowing the Mission

Sunday we talked about our mission at Beachside, and as Christians in general.

Our Mission Statement at Beachside is simple:

To invite people to come to Christ,

Help them to grow in their faith,

And send them to go into the world.

Ideally a mission statement drives both what you do, as well as what you don’t do. It helps you to make decisions about what your business or organization pursues and which projects don’t fit the mission.

The wisdom to say no is important in any organization or individual’s life.

Individual Mission

Speaking of which: do you have a life mission? Do you have stated priorities in your life?

Do your checkbook and calendar reflect those priorities? If not, why not? Do you find yourself saying yes to things that really don’t match you, or fit into your schedule, and bring needless stress and conflict?

Each of us should have a sense of purpose and priorities in life. It doesn’t mean an actual mission statement (though that might be helpful), but the challenge is to identify your God given priorities and then pursue them with tenacity.