Politicians and journalists have low trustworthy ratings. I suppose I could link to stats, but you probably already know that.

We love to talk about how awful the “swamp” and the “mainstream media” are, or ridicule President Trump/Obama/Bush, or complain about media outlets for not covering our pet issues.

We say things like:

The media doesn’t talk enough about Global Warming!” or “Who are the idiots that don’t believe in it?!


Does anyone see how good the economy and President Trump are doing? The media is so biased against him and won’t say anything good about him.

The latest issue to elicit outrage is the transgender policy that might or might not be changing, and may or may not be implemented.

People get outraged and love to call Trump an idiot/bigot/jerk for speaking about changing the soon to be implemented policy. Likewise, others scream that Obama was an idiot/immoral/etc. for trying to implement a policy regarding transgender Soldiers in the first place. [anyone else tired of the vitriol?]

It’s easy to point with hatred at the media, politicians, or people that think and vote different.

But what if the problem is us?

What if the media, politicians and most of Facebook simply reflect who we are? Rather than confront our own issues, we blame some group or person outside of us.

What if we are so busy that we don’t stop to think? Instead we react immediately and never change our minds.

What if minds are so closed on the left and right that meaningful debate can’t be had? And when did being moderate become such a bad thing in both political parties?

What if we, as a nation, have problems that belong to all of us, but it’s easier to blame someone else?

What if the problem is us?