Ares is the god of war.

He is one of the false gods we worship most prominently in the US. The other false god is Eros. I’ll save that for a different post.

As for Ares: Be very careful in how you think about, or get excited about, bombing certain countries. Ares will do a few things: he’ll strike up wars and your indignation, making you think you HAVE to respond. After all, we’re responding to the use of WMD, right? Sound familiar? And the indignation: the chemical weapons struck kids. Awful? Yes. So we decide we must act.

Ares will also convince you to make sacrifices to him. He’ll ask you to sacrifice your kids, or other people’s kids, your freedom, your values and more. He’ll make you think you’re doing a great or righteous thing.

As a combat Vet, I’ve seen what war looks like. It is awful. Yet, we are obsessed with it and love it

I believe this obsession is, in part, because most people haven’t served. That means someone else pays the price.

So we resort to war. We are at the point where we will pop off cruise missiles without thinking twice, because we’re making a statement and don’t want to look “weak.”

Be very careful, especially if you’re a Christian.