One of the ways I process is by writing. I love to engage the world by discussing what I see going on; writing in social media is limiting for a number of reasons.

First, social media is broad. Think about the expressions people put on Facebook: checking in to restaurants (and posting pictures to match), venting about local businesses, pictures of family or family vacations, political thoughts (sometimes cryptic, sometimes in your face) or comments on sporting events.

Second, it’s random. As we log onto social media, Facebook in particular, we might be confronted with conversations that don’t match our mood, outlook or thoughts for the day. And often we end up arguing. Think about when we run into someone in person: we would (almost) never begin a conversation with a sharp political comment. Yet this is what shows up on our social media feeds and we react predictably.

Third, social media is limited, by design. You get 140 characters on Twitter. On Facebook you get more, but how many people actually take the time to read the whole post if it’s longer than a paragraph?

I want a venue to expand on what I think and see. Writing a blog allows for more nuance than a simple Facebook post or tweet allows.

My first purpose is totally self-centered; I’m under no impression that anyone necessarily wants my thoughts, but this allows me to process. The second purpose is to allow for engagement that’s more thoughtful than a quick, sharp comment. If someone reacts to my thoughts and wants to dig deeper, this is the forum.