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3 Ingredients for Growth

This weekend at Beachside we continued our series called “Building Our Community.” We talked about growth in the Christian context. In order to grow, these three things ought to be present: Humility Humility is acknowledging we don’t know it all.... Continue Reading →

Apple Watch for Runners?

Last week I was moving furniture and a while later I looked down at my Garmin and realized I had somehow smashed the screen. Unlike an iPhone, the broken screen rendered it unusable. So, I decided it might be a... Continue Reading →

What’s Your Mission?

Knowing the Mission Sunday we talked about our mission at Beachside, and as Christians in general. Our Mission Statement at Beachside is simple: To invite people to come to Christ, Help them to grow in their faith, And send them to go into... Continue Reading →

Have you ever seen a ghost?

Yesterday at Beachside Community Church we had a Q&A time during the sermon. It’s something new for us and it was a huge success. We’ll do it again some time, maybe as a regular thing between sermon series. One of... Continue Reading →

What if the Problem Is Us?

Politicians and journalists have low trustworthy ratings. I suppose I could link to stats, but you probably already know that. We love to talk about how awful the “swamp” and the “mainstream media” are, or ridicule President Trump/Obama/Bush, or complain... Continue Reading →

Confronting Fears – Freedom

The last couple of days I’ve written about confronting fears. First, we acknowledge the baggage we all carry and how we’ve been formed by that baggage. Second, we recognize the fears we carry around as a result of our formative... Continue Reading →

Confronting Fears

Yesterday I wrote about how our identity in Christ allows us to be real about the baggage we carry, and be real about confronting our fears. Today I want to unpack it a little more. If you want to watch... Continue Reading →

Confronting Fears – Begin with Identity

The last few weeks at Beachside I preached a series called “Confronting Fears.” I want to unpack it a bit. If you’d like to watch the sermons they can be found here: July 9th – Confronting Fears - Identity July... Continue Reading →

Why You Need to Ask Questions

My daughter loves to ask questions. She asks them all the time, about every imaginable subject. I appreciate it to a certain point, and then I get brain tired. I feel as though God is giving me a taste of... Continue Reading →

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